Yoga And Massage Combined

Whenever I feel tired, stressed out and frustrated at work, I always want to go for a massage. It has always helped me de-stress and make me feel relaxed. After a good massage, I am able to sleep well at night and then feeling rejuvenated the following morning. This is also why I take advantage of corporate massage. 건마

Exercise for me has always been about losing weight. I have always been active when I was young but as I grow older I feel my stamina has slowed down. But getting a gym membership has proven to bore me after a few weeks. This is when I tried out yoga just because I want to try out something different.

Yoga and massage has benefits on its own. Massage benefits include stretching and relaxation. Yoga, on the other hand, builds endurance and strength. The benefits of yoga and massage help you manage and cope with stress.

There is an increase popularity of Thai yoga massage, too. This ancient practice combines yoga stretching, meditation, acupressure and rhythmic massage deeply rooted in the spiritual Buddhist practice.

Going in a salon for the first time, I did not know what to expect. Like in massage I have been to, I have always preferred massage with oils.

In Thai yoga massage, you are the passive receiver of the beneficial treatment. It uses methods of yoga and relaxing massage.

But this massage is commonly done where the recipient is fully clothed and lying down on a mat on the floor. The salon I have been to in Thailand, they have massage beds they ask me to lie down in.


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